Window Treatment Ideas that Help Sell Your Home

If you’re selling your home, your window treatments – curtains, blinds, etc. – will often be included with the property. They are an important selling feature. So, when a prospective buyer views your home, looks at the front window with its gorgeous draperies, and says, “Wow!”, that’s a good thing.

If you are selling your home, you want to ensure that your property is attractive to prospective buyers right from the very first look. That means, from your yard to the windows everything in your home must appear ready for a move and have an inviting appeal.

Window treatments like drapes and curtains are personal property, so they’re typically not considered part of the property purchase unless expressly stated in the contract. It is still worth considering sprucing up your home’s windows before you sell your house. If you are selling your house, it’s in your best interest to ensure that prospective buyers have a clear view of the interior of your house. It’s also essential for homeowners who are moving into a new home or apartment to see what is outside their windows. Without proper blinds and curtains, the sun can shine directly into your eyes and impair vision while walking inside—not to mention how it affects furniture placement.

Find out why window treatments are essential and which styles to think about when you are looking to sell your property.

You Give Your Windows Added Value

If you decide to put in shutters made from wood, custom-made blinds, fancy curtain rods, or even the entire assortment of fixtures – they are put up within your home windows. Most sought-after customers will immediately be impressed by the value you’ve placed in your windows because they do not have to buy those items themselves. The most popular buyers will instantly be able to see the value you’ve put in your windows since they don’t have to purchase these items by themselves. It is especially true if the windows are custom-built, as they will be more expensive than the average double-hung windows you find at your local hardware store.

The perception that your windows are of value is crucial, notably if you’ve not recently replaced the windows in your home. Because window treatments are typically more affordable than the actual upgrade of windows, you’ll invest a tiny amount in your home when you put in windows that will yield a higher price when you decide to sell. If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s essential to consider how much you can improve its value. Many people think that new windows are the best way to do this, but they aren’t always. If you have good-quality windows already, replacing them with better ones is a waste of money. Instead, consider adding window treatments such as shutters or blinds to give your home more curb appeal at a fraction of the cost.

You Give Your Windows Better Staging

If you plan to take your custom curtains and drapes when you relocate and need to add these window treatments to your dining, living windows, and main bedroom, it creates the most pleasant, and inviting manner. Prospective buyers can see how your windows can enhance the visual appeal of your home when you decorate the windows with lace, velvet, and patterns on the drapes instead of keeping the windows looking dull.

If you are planning on how your windows will create the best appeal to buyers, choose the primary neutral colors that are timeless but trendy. Metallic, chevron, and traditional floral drapes work in the living space, and rich Victorian colors like goldenrod, eggplant, and deep gray are perfect for dining and bedrooms—set curtain rods at the highest level you can to make windows appear bigger.

Custom-made drapes designed and cut to your windows’ style and size  are the best option to help window treatments stand out. If you plan to take the window treatments when you sell the house, be sure that the home’s description includes this benefit to attract buyers. If you plan to take the window treatments when you sell the house, be sure that the home’s listing and marketing consists of this benefit to attract buyers.

You Give Your Windows Personality

Many home buyers will look through up to 10 houses or more before locating the property they would like to buy. Your home needs to leave a lasting impression once someone views your listing online and in person. If you have window treatments that are in good condition and give your home character, you will attract more buyers. Some people may even be willing to pay more for a property with unique attributes, such as custom window treatments.

Window treatments can give your windows a personality, So even when your carpets appear neutral, the landscaping is empty, and other aspects of your home aren’t standing out, your house is still unique.. Having unusual window treatments will help your home stand out in the crowd and attract more buyers. For instance, windows with bay windows with custom-made blinds in your living space will appear as if they were designed to appear when prospective buyers pass by your home.

Consider the primary characteristics of your windows you’d like to show off through treatments. If, for instance, the windows are enormous and have a lot of light, choose simple blinds and drapes that let in sunlight. Smaller windows can benefit from interior shutters to create an inviting, warm look. Your drapery professional can help you design the ideal window treatments that help your home’s windows be noticed for a quicker selling process. Consider what amount of light you would like to let in your home. Think about simple blinds that can be closed and opened if needed. If you don’t mind some privacy or want to keep out the sun’s heat, consider plantation shutters or drapes with sheers. These treatments will also help block cold drafts from entering through your windows.

Meet with a specialist in window treatments to discuss the styles, patterns, and materials you want for your windows. If permanent or staged window treatments are what you want, the specialists will help make your home an attractive buyer’s desire with stunning customized window treatments.

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