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Marg McCarthy is the broker of record for Marg McCarthy Real Estate in Shelburne, ON. She grew up and lived most of her life in Dufferin County. Because of this, she is very familiar with the towns and rural areas of the location. Currently, Marg is living with her husband, Steve, in Melancthon Township. Marg and Steve once owned a 32 Acre Hobby farm.Marg has more than 30 years of experience running her small business. From all those years, she brings a wealth of knowledge in many areas of business. Sales and marketing are the focus of her business, and her insights are sure to benefit your home purchase or sale.Her involvement in the real estate business started with her many personal investments in properties. She also had a cottage rental business in the Parry Sound area. Because of all her experience investing in real estate, she was able to successfully guide Marg McCarthy Real Estate to where it is now.Marg has many contacts throughout Dufferin County, spreading across Canada. Her commercial contacts have proven a successful mix with the real estate world.

Why Work With Us as An Independent Agent

At McCarthy Realty, we understand the unique advantages and challenges that come with being an independent agent. That’s why we offer a tailored experience that combines the freedom of independence with the support and resources of a top-tier brokerage. By joining our team as an independent agent, you gain access to an unparalleled suite of tools, training, and technology designed to elevate your business. Our comprehensive support system ensures you have everything you need to succeed, from marketing assistance and lead generation to advanced CRM systems and ongoing professional development. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where independent agents can thrive, leveraging our brand’s reputation and expertise to enhance their personal success. With McCarthy Realty, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Meet the Independent Agents

Our independent agents are the heart and soul of McCarthy Realty, bringing diverse experiences, local expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence. Each agent operates with the autonomy to run their own business while benefiting from the collaborative spirit and extensive resources that define our brokerage. They are innovative, driven, and dedicated professionals who believe in our core values of honesty, integrity, and client-focused service. Our independent agents are not just real estate experts; they are community leaders and trusted advisors who prioritize building lasting relationships. Get to know the talented individuals who have chosen to partner with McCarthy Realty and discover how their unique approaches and unwavering dedication can make a meaningful difference in your real estate journey.

Our Mission Is to POSITIVELY impact each and every interaction.

We BELIEVE in HONESTY. Facts are facts.
We BELIEVE in INTEGRITY. Be real and be true to yourself. 
We BELIEVE in HUMILITY. Confidence not arrogance.
We BELIEVE in GROWTH & KNOWLEDGE. Lifelong learning.
We BELIEVE in STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE. Become better everyday.
We BELIEVE in PROFESSIONALISM. Experience and Expertise.
We BELIEVE in MEANINGFUL IMPACT. Make a difference.
We BELIEVE in TEAMWORK. We are better together!
We BELIEVE in INSPIRATION. Dream big and be BOLD.
We BELIEVE in BEING HAPPY. Happiness is a choice.
Improving Lives Everyday

Why An Independent Brokerage?

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, the choice between an independent brokerage and a franchise brokerage holds significant implications for both real estate professionals and their clients. McCarthy Realty firmly believes that the path of independence offers unparalleled advantages, setting it apart from the conventional franchise model. One key facet that distinguishes McCarthy Realty is its ownership, operation, and local agent composition, which collectively contribute to a dynamic, client-focused, and community-driven real estate experience.

Local Expertise and Knowledge:

At McCarthy Realty, we take immense pride in being deeply ingrained in the local community. Our agents are not only experienced professionals but also local residents who possess an intimate understanding of the neighbourhoods, market trends, and unique intricacies that shape the real estate landscape. This local expertise allows us to provide our clients with personalized insights and guidance that extend beyond mere transactional interactions. When clients choose McCarthy Realty, they gain access to a wealth of local knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions about their real estate ventures.

Client-Centric Approach:

McCarthy Realty’s independence fosters a culture centered around clients’ needs and aspirations. Without the constraints of a franchise’s predetermined protocols, we have the liberty to prioritize individualized client experiences. Every interaction is infused with a genuine commitment to understanding our clients’ goals, and our agents have the latitude to tailor their services accordingly. This personalized approach creates lasting relationships built on trust, transparency, and the unwavering dedication to achieving clients’ real estate dreams.

Ownership and Accountability:

One of McCarthy Realty’s most distinguishing features is its ownership structure. As an independent brokerage, we are not tied to distant corporate entities or shareholders. Instead, our leadership team is deeply invested in the success of the local community, as they themselves are part of it. This sense of ownership translates into a higher level of accountability, where every decision and action taken by McCarthy Realty is grounded in a commitment to serving the best interests of our clients and community.

Community Integration:

McCarthy Realty’s independent agents are not just professionals – they are neighbours, friends, and active community members. We take pride in our role as local ambassadors, contributing to the well-being of the areas we serve. Our commitment to community integration extends beyond the realm of real estate transactions, as we engage in philanthropic initiatives, sponsor local events, and collaborate with other local businesses. This deep-rooted involvement fosters a sense of belonging that transcends the transactional nature of real estate, making McCarthy Realty Brokerage an integral part of the community fabric.

While franchise brokerages have their merits, McCarthy Realty’s unwavering belief in the power of independence propels us to stand apart. Our local ownership, operation, and agent composition create a synergistic blend of local expertise, flexibility, accountability, and community integration that elevates the real estate experience for our clients. By choosing McCarthy Realty, clients are not merely engaging with a brokerage – they are becoming part of a vibrant, client-centric, and community-driven journey toward achieving their real estate aspirations.

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