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Commercial Real Estate can be a cut throat if you aren’t working with an experienced partner or a commercially experienced real estate agent. According to Commercial Real Estate Resources

“Before you start looking to buy a commercial property, you should look for a commercial REALTOR® to help make the process easier. Of all the time-saving elements that commercial REALTORS® provide for clients like you, understanding and deciphering the paperwork involved in transactions like the purchase of your new property is usually at the top of the list.”

Marg McCarthy Real Estate Team has a background in working with all of different styles of commercial properties. Marg McCarthy herself has worked to help her clients in locating the right property. She is knowledgeable in working with Commercial clients to advise and work on their behalf to find the right location that will help their business succeed. Resources state:  

“A commercial REALTOR® offers expertise and market knowledge when representing buyers. They can identify locations and negotiate on your behalf, in the process saving you time and money.
Your commercial REALTOR® can help you at each stage of the process from finding your commercial space to finalizing the transaction. Some key steps are outlined below to help you as you start working with your commercial REALTOR®.”

Property Search

Consider location:
You may want to consider locations that are close to your customers, your home, workers, vendors or suppliers.
Consider the investment:
Understanding market value will help you know when and where to buy your commercial property.
Find a space that suits your business needs:
Consider the square footage, facilities, growth potential, street visibility, parking, security and so on.
Building condition:
During initial viewings make note of any visible damage or wear and be sure to follow up with a professional inspection.
Zoning & Fees
Check with your municipal affairs office or municipal planning department for zoning regulations and land use. Find out how to apply for a zoning bylaw amendment if needed.
Look into insurance coverage required for your new business space.
Take into account any provincial and municipal taxes as part of your overall cost.
Closing the sale
Consult a legal professional:
A real estate lawyer will do a title search, review the mortgage agreement and finalize all paperwork.
Renovations and repairs: 
Consider renovation costs to modify a building for your business needs and negotiate the cost of repairs in the sale.
Making an offer:
When you’re ready, your commercial REALTOR® will help you negotiate and draft an offer. Be prepared for a multiple offer situation.

Let Marg McCarthy Real Estate Team help you through the Commercial Real Estate process. Whether you are looking to start a business in Shelburne, Orangeville, Flesherton, Dundalk or anywhere in between we would be delighted to assist you in any way possible. Come into the office at 110 Centennial Rd Shelburne ON or Contact Us now.

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