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Marg McCarthy, Broker of Record

We Can’t Wait For You to Join Our BROKERAGE!

Improving Lives Everyday on a Transparent Background

Join The McCarthy Realty Brokerage!

Marg McCarthy is the broker of record and leader of the McCarthy Realty Brokerage. Marg is the #1 listing sales representative in Shelburne Ontario* and has the experience and expertise that will keep the McCarthy Realty Team as one of the most productive teams in the area.

If you are a SALES REPRESENTATIVE who wants to IMPROVE LIVES EVERYDAY The McCarthy Realty Brokerage can’t wait to connect with you, your team or partner!

McCarthy Realty Brokerage is here to help you reach your goals and look forward to cheering you on with your continued success!

Our mission is very simple “to positively impact each and every interaction. Improving Lives Everyday!”

Within the scope of our real estate practice, we will provide the highest quality service to genuinely help you succeed. You will be in control of your business with the support of an experienced Brokerage’s branding, reputation and backbone behind you. While the Brokerage will be instrumental in offering training, sharing of leads, encouragement and suggestions; it is recognized that success is ultimately YOUR achievement.

We have a few different options on how we can help you grow your business – please use the form below to get in touch and we would love to talk to you more about how we can help!

The McCarthy Realty Brokerage culture is dedicated to Improve Lives Everyday! Not just clients but YOURS if you work under our umbrella!

If you think are the PERFECT fit for our BROKERAGE CULTURE

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*For Shelburne Ontario in Units and Volume in the last 12 months

Marg McCarthy One on One Training

You will have access to Marg McCarthy Broker of Record and her MANY YEARS of experience and expertise in successful real estate training and is the #1 Selling Agent in Shelburne Ontario*. Marg is dedicated to her team and their success!

*For Shelburne Ontario in Units and Volume in the last 12 months

A Brand Together is Winning!

Use the power of existing branding and recognition to your advantage to grow your independent business in your location, area of expertise or existing team!

The Only Way is UP!

A Collaborative Culture, Staff and Other Agents to Help Support Your Growth Internally! A Brokerage With a Positive Foundation Can Only Build It’s Way To The Sky!

We Have Values!

The McCarthy Realty Brokerage Values

We BELIEVE in HONESTY. Facts are facts

We BELIEVE in INTEGRITY. Be real and be true to yourself.


We BELIEVE in HUMILITY. Confidence not arrogance.

We BELIEVE in GROWTH & KNOWLEDGE. Lifelong learning.

We BELIEVE in STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE. Become better everyday.

We BELIEVE inPROFESSIONALISM. Experience and Expertise.


We BELIEVE in MEANINGFUL IMPACT. Make a difference.

We BELIEVE in TEAMWORK. We are better together!

We BELIEVE in INSPIRATION. Dream big and be BOLD.

We BELIEVE in BEING HAPPY. Happiness is a choice.

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Our Brokerage is dedicated to working with Honesty, with Integrity, Respect and Compassion for our Clients and OURSELVES! If you love a fast pace and a fun inclusive brokerage that is DEDICATED to Improving Lives EVERYDAY! you found us!

Meet with us and find out what options we have for YOU:

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  • Business Cards
  • Brokerage Branded Swag (different at different times)
  • Brokerage Events/Team Building
  • Client Events
  • Weekly Administrative Staff Meetings
  • Company Email Address 
  • – Website listings – meet the Brokerage
  • Brokerage Marketing, Social Media and traditional marketing
  • Office Wifi
  • Electronic Lockboxes

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